Water polo

In the world, all people love to play. It gives enjoyment and relaxation to their mind and also adds some colourful moments in playing. There are different types of games found around the world. Each and every one like one game and get interested into that and they will be the good game player.

Water polo

Playing in the water gives more fun and excitement to the life. All the people love enjoying in the water. So the game like water polo is the water game you can play with your friends and enjoy well. In this article, you can gain information about the game and can learn how to play the game.

About the game

Water polo is the water sports game. It can be played with 6 players and one goalkeeper in water. There will be two teams competing each other by throwing the ball onto the opponent goal. If the goal is set then the point is declared. There will be substitute players including for goalkeeper also. This game is played in the deep water and the player should consist of stamina and endurance. Throwing and catching must do only in single hand. Players need to swim, throw, catch and shoot the ball.

Rules of the game

To win the game the competition is to be fair and you should follow the rule. Rules of the game are called the law of the game. There will be a lot of rules and regulations to be followed. Sometimes there will be minor and major fouls.by knowing the strategy and techniques you can win the game very easily. Following are the rules of the game

  • Player should use only their hands to play
  • Team should consist of 6 player and one goalkeeper
  • The aim of the game is to score points in the opponent team goal.
  • Only the goalkeeper should use his both the hands to play
  • Players can pass the ball or can swim with the ball to move forward.
  • There will be personal fouls
  • The shot clock is varied by age groups.

A water polo rule has a combination of rules like basketball, soccer, and hockey. The main part is that you should know swimming.

Techniques to handle the ball

In the water, you need to put more force and techniques to win the game by beating the opponent. Here are the techniques to handle the ball very easily and they are

  • Picking up the ball is the essential thing while playing because of this only you can pass the ball. It is classified into two types and they are under water and top on water.
  • After getting the ball you need to pass the ball. You can pass the ball in two types and they are dry pass and wet pass.
  • Shooting the ball gives you to score the point while shooting the ball body should be in sideways.
  • Baulking-this the tactic method used to release the ball and by that you can beat the opponent.
  • Swimming- while doing this action elbow should be high to prevent the ball from opponent team.

Benefits of playing water polo

Water polo has different benefits. As we all know swimming is good for health so you can play this game effectively and interestingly. At health side, you have more benefits like

  • Playing burns calories- because of swimming; you may able to burn the calorie.
  • Gives cardio workout- playing this game prevents from heart-related problems and repairs damage.
  • Full body workout while playing all the parts of the body will be in contact. So you can fee full body workouts.
  • Stress relief – regular play relieves you to relieve your tension.
  • Cooling effect- because of aquatic sport you will feel very cool while playing.

Finally, water polo is the interesting game to be played by all in the world. People who love to spend their time by relaxing in the water you can play this game effectively.

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