Tennis is a sport whose origin is England& it is now played in many countries around the world. Tennis is a game played with the help of rackets and a ball by two players individually or two pairs of players on a rectangular court which is divided by a net. Tennis is a challenging and very interesting sports. Tennis was generally played on grass courts, but big events are played on courts of hard &composite materials.


Tennis is the king of all sports played with rackets. The rackets are made of wood and are used to hit the ball, the player spin the ball or it is spined by contacting with the wall. Service is made by one opponent towards the other. The ball is served by the player from backside of the base line so that it bounces above the net and reach the other side of the net where the opponent is standing. Once the player that serves the ball put the ball in play, both the player may hit the ball in any part of the opponent court until the point is scored by any of the opponent.


From 0 to 15  first point to 30 than 40 , The Score Goes After 40 By Any Opponent Wins ,But when both player scored 40-40 i.e. ‘Deduce’ the player must go 2 points to win the game

The First player who wins the six games 1st wins the whole set and if both the players wins 5-5 games it is a tie breaker so they have to win two more games to win the set. The player who wins 7 games 1st wins the set

Majors tournaments in tennis

  • Wimbledon
  • US open
  • French open
  • Australian tournament


* The game starts with a coin toss. Toss determine which player serve the ball first and which side they want to serve from

* The player serving the ball serve each point from alternative sides and from the back of the base line. Server has to keep his step below the line while serving , if he cross the line it is a foul

* If the server fails to get their first serve in they may take advantage of the second serve and if they ‘ll miss again in second service then it could be loss of one point.

* The receiving player may stand where they want to stand according to defend the ball from going outside.

* Once a serve has been made the players can play unlimited numbers of shots between the play . The point is won by hitting the ball and the  opponent is unable to return the ball to the server

* The balls in a tennis match are changed by new balls after playing every 6 games

* If a player touches the net between the game & distracts his opponent than they may lose the point according to the rules

Note: There is some changes in the rules of tennis since 1890s

Equipment used in tennis

  • Racket:

The racket of tennis include a handle called as ‘grip’. Connected with a neck which is made up of tightly pulled strings. Earlier Rackets were made up of wood & of standard size and after the 20 century racekts were made up of graphite or other lighter metals like titanium.

  • Tennis ball:

Tennis balls were made up of cloth strip which are stitched together with a thread. Tennis balls were earlier manufactured in the United States of America & in Europe. The procedure of the manufactured remains same from several years.

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