The Psychological Impact of Having a Coach in a Team

We all know for learning every sport you need to have someone to guide and help you to take the right path for success and us wholeheartedly trusting that person and follow their instructions blindly. This person is who we call as a coach, he just like a teacher who is always there to guide you help you become a better sportsperson and pave your way to success. After that it totally lies on one’s hard work and determination. Coach surely plays a very important role be it cricket, football, tennis or any other sports for that matter.

The Psychological Impact of Having a Coach in a Team

Coach is a very important person for a team or an individual. He guides a team to success, has his own tactics and own different strategies to apply for a team. His understanding of the game is just too good due to the experience he has and the amount of time he has spent on that particular game. Many may not believe that coach is important and the individual player one has are, but they are totally wrong. I can give you very recent example, Real Madrid appointed Rafa Benitez as their coach this season and really played very poorly under him , the team with the stars like Modric, Ronaldo , Bale and more were finding it tough to get past a Malaga side.

Even for that matter Real were totally playing poor football, the defence was so vulnerable that any team used to score at least one past them easily, Ronaldo the free scoring winger was having a goal drought. The tactics were totally not suiting the team and his relationship with players was not any better. As the things went over the boil Real Madrid president sacked Benitez and brought on Zinedine Zidane. This man totally turned the team around, the team which was struggling he took them to win the most prestigious club title UEFA Champions League.

His philosophies, tactics and his friendly nature totally worked wonders for the team as their league form also turned around and they went on to win a whopping 13 games on the trot plus defeated an invincible looking Barca team at their own home ground. So this clearly shows coaches can do you wonders and you totally need to select the one who suits you the best.

Coaches guides players to success

The reason behind every successful sportsperson is a coach who has guided him all the while and helped him improve on his weaknesses and work hard to be a better player. Novak Djokovic who has been in such a stellar form his success is due to Boris Becker his coach who analyses his game and strategizes how he should play against which opponent. A coach not only has to analyse his player or team he also has to look at the other team or individual and find out the best possible tactic which can be executed to defeat their opponent. Football is the sport where coaches have the most important role, it is their tactics which are implemented by the players on the pitch and it is more of a battle of mind of the two tactical geniuses rather than the players.

No matter what kind of sports coaches are important

So clearly say coaches are really important no matter what sport you are playing, because they are someone who have more knowledge about the sport and can seriously help you become a better player on a whole and guide you to success. But it is about you that you chose the right coach for yourself whose playing style and tactics are compatible with you and you are really comfortable carrying them out. So surely coach has a big psychological impact as we saw in case of Real Madrid as Rafa was not so friendly one and was more like a boss while Zidane kept the team more like a family totally helping the players gaining their trust and winning a trophy in just six months in charge.

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