Possible Payout Combination for Online Slots

Possible Payout Combination for Online Slots

Online slots are also called video slots. Most of these Onlineslotqq101.com Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website slots have five reels. There are slots pay lines which determine what a player can win and when. All these depend on the number of symbols that will match when you spin so, here are some of the Possible Payout Combination for Online Slots. The number of reels’ ranges from 3 to 5 or even more. When playing you focus on the slots pay lines. These pay lines vary from 1 to even thousands which mean you have more chances of being a winner when you play. Online slots machines vary depending on the number of pay line they have.

Possible Payout Combination for Online Slots

Possible Payout Combination for Online Slots

Possible Payout Combination for Online Slots

There are four different types of pay lines

  1. 1 Pay line

For machines with just one single pay line, it is easier to get a payout whereby you need three symbols in a row to match with each reel having seven symbols in total. The chances of winning, however, are very thin since you can win on just a single row.

  1. 3 Pay lines

Some also have the 3 pay lines and consist of two diagonal lines as well as a horizontal line. This increases the chances of winning as it provides more outcomes to ensure winning. You have 3 possible combinations on which you can win.

  1. 5+ Pay lines

Here you get between five to a hundred possible payout combinations. It consists of 5 reels and will have 20 to 45 pay lines. Each reel contains 20-30 symbols that are in the game’s theme. These many symbols and pay line only translate to hundreds of possible winning combinations.

  1. Multi way slots

This contains up to 1024 possible winning combinations for players. Players place their bets one per line and it provides more winning opportunities. The more you play the more you win. You will also come across small games and bonus rounds while playing here.

  • This type of pay line ensures you to increase your chances of winning
  • It focuses on fixed maximum payout
  • Avoid the progressive jackpots which may seem more attractive and instead go for the fixed jackpots.

Avoid video reels

They may look attractive to the eye but they take more time than the normal machines to display their features. This takes up your time, and as they say, time is money. Save time and use normal machines and therefore increase chances of winning.

Choosing games with smaller jackpots

Games with smaller jackpots only translate to easier winning.  Therefore, avoid games with higher jackpots since they are a lot difficult to win.

Slot game variance

The variance in a slot game determines the amount of payout and is therefore important.

There are three types of variances:

  1. Low-risk variance slots

They have low-risk slots and give the players a long playing session. The jackpots here give winning values on the low level, therefore, giving players a low risk of losing.

  1. Medium- risk variance slots

This offers a medium risk and therefore your money will be quite safe. It balances between the low and high winning payouts.

  1. High-risk variance slots

This is for the risk takers who are not afraid to lose. The bonus games here have high winnings.

However, due to the big paying winning combinations, the winning combinations are few in number hence making it difficult to win.

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