Sport is the game played by all in the world. even small people to elder people like playing. Playing gives relaxation and fun to their mind. People play with their friends and relatives that add colourful to their joy and relaxation. There are hundreds of sports played in an individual or competing each team. Sport is the activity which you can develop your physical fitness .winners of famous sport are always informed by media like newspaper and news is the entertainment for non-participants drawing crowds.


Even you can see the people betting for the players. Game like netball is the interesting game and here you can learn about the game and how you can play the netball with rules and regulations along health benefits.

What is netball?

Netball is similar to basketball with the rules, their equipment and members of the team are slightly this game, dribbling, running with the ball are not allowed. Seven players should play the game then ball should be passed within three seconds, goal rings and ball are slightly smaller than basketball. There is no is the game played more than seventy countries.

About the game

Netball is the ball sport played by seven players in each team. This is the commonwealth nation games played by women only. More or less game is like basketball only. Goal rings are placed at two ends of the rectangular score points players should shoot the ball into the goal rings. During the play, player should hold the ball only for three seconds before passing or putting into the goal ring. This game is played for about 60 minutes only. Who scores the most point they are called as winners of the series.

Rules of the game

Rules of the game are called laws of the game. It is the important factor governed by judges and official member. If you think that the competition is to be fair then you should follow the rules of the game. Following are the rules of the game

  • There should be seven players on the court
  • Only two positions are allowed in the attacking circle
  • Every quarter of the beginning goal wants to be reached
  • Always play should start at the center position
  • If there is any illegal activity player should not participate in the game
  • If player holds the ball in two hand or goal is missed then that player should not touch the ball till it rebounce it.

Players’ role on the court

Inside the court there should be seven players and they have specific position according to the rules. The roles of players are as follows

  • Goal shooter – can score goals in and around goal area
  • Goal attack – players will attack at the time of goal
  • Wing attack – for circle players shooting opportunities is given
  • Centre –helps to connect the defence and attack
  • Wing defence, goal defence and goal keeper has the same role.

Facts about the game

  • Including substitutes there will be 12 players
  • Each and every player has specific place
  • Players should wear skirts
  • Only two players are able to shoot the goal
  • Goal ring does not have backboard
  • Goal should be passed from the goal point alone.

Benefits of playing netball

With the help of regular practice in playing netball you can get lot of benefits at health side, social sides. Netball is the good way to develop team play, can meet new people, probably you can increase your confidence level. Many people around the world love playing netball and most of the reasons are

  • It reduce the stress factor
  • It burns fats and calories
  • Helps in muscle strength
  • Improves hand-eye co-ordination
  • Only minimum equipment is needed.

Finally, this game is the interesting game to play. Like basketball there is three international competitions has to be played. You can play this game with your friends or even you can play at national level.

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