Ice hockey

Sport is all form of games. Usually, it helps in developing and maintaining physical activities of the person. Not only participants it also gives enjoyment and entertainment for non-participant. It is governed by a set of rules to make the game be fair. Sports give relaxation to your mind by concentrating on playing. Playing ice hockey is the interesting game and it is the national game of India. It is played and enjoyed by all the people in the world.

Ice hockey

Because of playing, you can find amusement and entertaining. In this article, you can get information about the game and different forms of hockey are playing all over the world.

About the game

Ice hockey is the team sport played on ice in which players will use their skaters to move and with the help of sticks they shoot the ball into the opponent net to score the points. This game is played by six members including goaltender. Players will move up and down on the ice to push the ball into net and goaltender will be standing before net to opposing it.this game is sometimes called as hockey with the puck. This game is famous in the north part of United States and in Eastern Europe.

Rules of the game

To win the competition you should play according to the rules and regulations. Rules of the game are maintained under hockey federation. The rules of the game are as follows

  • There should be six players in each team
  • Players should wear skates, helmet, mouth guard, shoulder and shin pads, elbow pad, hockey gloves, socks, pants and should hold a hockey stick.
  • Hockey is played with six players
  • Puck is not allowed for substitutes during the stoppage of the play.
  • There will be three periods in playing totally there will be 20 minutes long
  • Each team will consist of three shooters

Above given rules are the laws of the game. If you follow the rule then the competition will be fair. Rules are strictly followed because the game is being played on ice.

Tips for playing the game

For playing ice hockey there are some tips found all around the world. If you follow the tips you can score the points and lead to the team win. There are many tips for playing ice hockey and they are

  • Learn to jam and play without the puck
  • Work on d skating
  • Cover the corners
  • Always try to shoot the puck
  • Protect your head and bend your knee for balance
  • Try to learn about the speed and control
  • Move the skaters and practice upwards and downwards

By following these tips you can set your goal as well as possible.


Tactics are the technique to play in the game. You should be unique and identity in terms of techniques. The different forms of tactics are

  • Checking – an important defense technique is checking. This technique helps the opponent to remove from the play.
  • Offensive tactics – this technique is greatest technique position towards the opponent team. This helps in setting the goal.
  • Deflection – this shot redirects the puck towards the net.
  • Fore check – this act is opposition for in a defensive zone.

At penalties

In this ice hockey, there are several rules. If you didn’t follow the rules you will be under penalties. The penalties like

  • For the high-sticking, delay of the game, too many plays on the players, tripping, and elbowing give penalty
  • Blue cards and red cards will be given during the play for misbehaving.

Finally, ice hockey is the contact sport and it can be played interestingly in ice. People who are interested in playing ice game can adopt this game.

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