Football is a game played by two teams consisting of 11 players in each of the team & a referee examined the whole game. A referee is a person who watches the game to check that rules are being followed by the players or not .Teams may substitute players between the game with no restrictions. The game is of 90 minutes with a two half of 45 minutes each. Time is counted while players are running and sometimes between plays, After the 1st half the team have to switch the sides.


Both the teams compete for the ball and try to score the goal of the opponent team when the balls are in the hand of the goalkeeper other players are not allowed to touch or kick the ball, only the goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball with the hands within their boundaries and no other player are allowed to touch the ball with their hand. The players in the field are allowed to hold the ball with the hands only for throw-in, but when ball is in the field in the middle of the game the players can use their feet to kick the ball, other parts of the body such as head, upper parts of legs, torso and waist are also allowed but not the hands and the arms.

Football is played on a rectangular field, the field is mostly grass. The main field of playing area is approximately 100 yards. At each end of the field there is an end zone. The line drawn between the field and the end zone is the goal line, In order to score a goal the ball must cross the goal line.

  • Both the teams have to score opponent goal
  • The team with the possession of the football is called the offensive team.
  • The other team is the defensive team
  • The defence team has to stop the offense from scoring the goal
  • In order to keep the other team from setting up the best field position, the offense can kick the ball towards the other team intentionally.
  • There are many rules and regulations that aremadefor the players and has to be followed
  • By the players during a football game.
  • One of the key rule in the game is that the opponent cannot grab the other team player with the hand while chasing the player.
  • Each player has the right to go after the ball but he cannot push, or pull the player.
  • When the ball is in the air, each player has equal right to hit the ball
  • A match is not started or cannot be continue if there are less than seven players in a team


  • Football
  • A shirt
  • shorts
  • socks
  • shin guards
  • football boots.

The team that scores most goals wins the match. If the score is tied after completion of 90 minutes of play, it either ends with a draw or continues into extra time .If the score is still tied after the extra time given by the referee, a penalty shoot-out happens and who wins the penalty shootout wins the match


  • Free Kick ( free kick restarts the play after a foul or break of rule)
  • Penalty kick ( penalty kick is given to opponent team if the foul is made by team member in their own field area)
  • Throw-in ( throwing is given when the ball is gone outside the touchline area)
  • Goal kick ( goal kick is given to the defending team when ball goes over the goal line )
  • Corner kick ( it is given to the attacking team when the ball last touches the player and goes beyond the end zone)

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