Flag football

Sport is the game played by all in the world without any hesitation. There are a lot of games found in the world it may be indoor and outdoor. Playing outdoor games players to maintain physical fitness. Playing indoor games gives you to improve concentration power and imagination skills. For fun and entertainment, you are playing games.

Flag football

Games are governed by rules and regulations. If you think that the competition is to be fair then you should follow the rules. A sport like a flag football is the outdoor game played between teams. In this article, you can gain information about the game flag football.

About the game

Flag football is the international game played between teams.it is also known as touch football. This is the type of Canadian football. Where basic rules of football are similar to this game. Instead of tackling the ball you should remove the flag or from the carrier you should remove the flag to the end. There are some variations found in this game and they are the game is played by 9-4 men and with the single gender. You can pass the ball by touching it but is restricted to the chest. Flag football is the interesting game to play with friends and relatives.

How to play flag football?

Flag football is the interesting game and has more fun. Here are the methods described that how to play the game.

  • You should run as much as possible like athletes
  • While rushing to the quarterback you need to raise the hands up. If you back is at right side then keep you left hand up then attempt to get the flag with your right hand.
  • Try to keep the defender always in front you so that only you can easily pull the flag.
  • You can pull the flag from opposing ball but not let the man down.

Tips to play flag football

Though it is the international game you need some tips and strategy to play and win in the game. The main aim is that you should need to remove the flag. If the flag is removed then playing is stopped from that point. Then tips to play flag football are:

  • You need to develop good timing sense
  • Ball should be thrown in the manner of spiral
  • Pull the flag by practicing
  • Practice to make pass to the man
  • You should rotate the players and to make adjustments with the players.

Difference between regular and flag football

There is a lot of difference in playing regular football and flag football. Regular football is played with the team of eleven players . this game is played with 9 members. Regular football is played with the help of leg only but flag football is played with the help of hands. The main aim of normal football is that player wants to hit the ball into the net but flag football is that player will have a flag which is tied at the hip of players. You should remove the flag by passing the ball. Normal football needs safeguard items like kneepad, helmet etc. but this football no need of safety items. The main aim of flag football is that you should remove the flag or should remove the flag carrier.

Advantages of playing flag football

There are main advantages of playing flag football are:

  • It is the best way to keep bond with your peers
  • Can maintain good physical work
  • Without the contact, you can able to play
  • Without belonging you can interact with others
  • You can improve your mental mood in the good manner.

Final words

Playing flag football is the challenging one. You can maintain your physical fitness by burning fat and calories.to the worldwide you can play this game interestingly.

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