F1 Racing

Whoosh and another car get past us with an unbelievable speed, we all love to watch the Grand Prix live, don’t we? We all love those Vettel, Hamilton, Schumaker, Kei Nishikori etc. whizzing past us with only one ambition to become the best get ahead of each other and totally headed for the glory, aren’t they? We all support one of the Ferrari, Mercedes or Lotus and get sad when one of our stars switches to the other. It’s a really awesome sport and people are totally crazy for it watching their stars in action plus all those movies like Fast and the Furious have made totally in love with this not so popular sport before.

F1 Racing

We all love speed don’t we, whenever as a kid we used to ride that bicycle we always tried to reach the full speed no matter what or even now we see a totally empty straight road we can’t control ourselves to go out at full speed , the thrill the fun the feeling it is totally amazing but equally dangerous too. Speed has also taken lives of many and one of the most famous examples ironically would be of Paul Walker playing a role in Fast and Furious series taking out cars going at full speed in the movie ironically dies due to the same in real life.

The thrill and fun apart our lives are also more important. Especially for these racers to entertain us and to earn money they almost put their lives at risk. No matter what how much protection they get nowadays helmet and stuff but still it is obviously not enough. Time and again we have witnessed deaths and very famous and one of the best dying while doing their job.

Ayrton Senna’s episode is one of the most famous ones if you look at it

The three-time Formula One champion died due to his car crashing into a concrete barrier. Sadly he was leading the race and has to meet an unfortunate incident in his prime. Only 34 at that time we lost one of the greatest racers of all time. The most recent incident involved the death of Jules Bianchi. In October 2014 Bianchi wasn’t able to control his car and rammed into a vehicle. This was the first incident after Senna’s untimely death that happened during a race.

He died nine months later due to his severe head injuries

There are many such incidents in the history of Grand Prix and that clears the fact that this is completely not safe. The reason why traffic police want you to wear a seat belt or helmet is for your own safety and not because they are stupid. People should learn from such incidents and avoid rash driving. You surely can’t blame one for such events the car makers or the crew it is totally luck based.

These things don’t depend on the driver himself as well as he has to drive fast and in practice, he would have raced past that position like hundreds of times with that much speed but sometimes luck is not with you and such things happen taking your life. Who could we blame for wet conditions? Who can we blame if a car gets out of control which has been working fine for the past five days without any issues? So, people who take their job as racers have to take a risk to make their dreams come true though such cases are rare nowadays as security and technology have advanced, racers are equipped with better equipment that makes them feel much safer and in fact help to reduce the risk of hea

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