Euro 2016

Euros 2016 is belonging to the incredible minnows Iceland beyond the shadow of a doubt. The Euro Cup this year is bringing in a bundle of exciting matches back to back that is undoubtedly making it a stand out from every other year. So hold back your breath! This 15th UEFA European Championship is going to trigger your athletic spirits a notch higher than usual. What turning out to be a larger amazement in this year is that the team of Minnows Iceland is giving the teams consisting star players a hiding triumphing over them in almost every match.

Euro 2016

The team of Spain, that won the editions of 2008 and 2012, walking over all, underwent the process of elimination this year in the 16th round against Italy. So, if you are up for a series of spectacles taking place right before your eyes on your television screen, Euros 2016 with loads of surprises is awaiting you.

This year, for the very first time, the final tournament of the European Championship is being tussled for by a group 24 promising soccer teams from all over the world. Earlier, however, it had a format of a contest between 16 individual teams arriving on the field to compete from football fanatic countries from all over the world. This format began to take place right since 1996. The team of France is the host nation this time that was picked on 28th May in the year 2010 for the same post. This year, however, alarm bell has started to ring for France since the team of Iceland seems is not going to spare any room for its competitors in the farthest of possibilities.

Iceland players to cheer for big teams like England

We would have expected Iceland players to cheer for big teams like England in the weighty soccer tournaments. But to the contrary, with a miraculous performance in the matches consecutively, the Iceland team is setting its own legacy in leading the Championship to a glorious and climactic end. Of course, it is indeed creating of history since Iceland happens to be the smallest country ever playing in this tournament, and winning too against a key team like England. Hence what seemed impossible and far-reaching, has happened in real! Minnows Iceland has been one among the salient qualified teams to hold out to the quarter-final in Euro Cup 2016.

Hugo Lloris, the captain leading the team of France, has affirmed that his team would not be blown out of the water by surprisingly new quarter-finalists from Iceland. However, he believes Iceland has not got through this far by chance. Extensive playing coupled with intense determination has carried them to this league of glory. To all intents and purposes, Iceland has indeed won the hearts of million viewers across the globe defeating England after islanders of North Atlantic Island blew England 2-1 in the former 16. In fact, the newbie team of Wales led by Gareth Bale has shown magnificent wins being placed right next to the astounding runner-up Belgium 3-1 being the first promising Nation ever to stretch out to the event of Semi Final.

Wonders on the tournament

Hence wonders right since the dawn of the tournament are shocking every crucial country in the Championship posing as far as survival in the tournament concerns. Samuel Umtiti, who has been set to team up with Barcelona from Lyon, is expected to get a lap forth to Eliaquim Mangala along with Laurent Koscielny as a shield. That would be his intercontinental debut. Apparently, the small nations have already proved their excellence in this year’s clash. Scottish football fans have asked for a number of Iceland kits in order to revere and celebrate their grand victory against England. Nonetheless, Euro 2016 indeed is belonging to the minnows this year!

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