Energetics Food for the Athletes

A player’s main aim is to give his/her best in every game, event or competition. Just as a car needs a full tank of gas for best running, players also need right kind of fuel to give their best performance? Energetic food provides the right kind of fuel to them, so energetic food has a direct impact on their performance. Energetic food is nothing but a balance of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals which can enhance players sporting performance as nutrition is fundamental to their performance.

Energetics Food for the Athletes

Our body stores carbohydrate in the form of glucose which is stored in muscles as glycogen. Glycogen keeps our blood sugar levels stable during a short burst of exercises like basketball, sprinting, gymnastics, or soccer and thus maintains our energy. So if the players don’t have enough glycogen they may feel tired or them may have difficulty sustaining their activity. Also, muscles can store enough glycogen only for 3-4 hours of high-intensity activity. So, players should have energetic food in between their exercise /training session or during the pre-game meal so that their glycogen storage should be restored.

A protein present in energetic food helps to rebuild and repair the muscles of players after exercise, training or game. It can also be used as an energy source during exercise/training or competition when carbohydrate level in their body is low.


Fats present in energetic food provides the main fuel source for players for the long duration when they are indulging in endurance activities like cycling, hiking or long-distance running. Also, if the fat content is too low in player’s diet, his/her athletic performance will be decreased and it may also cause some health issues like deficiency of certain vitamins which require fat for their absorption.

Vitamin and minerals

Vitamin and minerals are an essential part of the energetic food. A player always needs strong bones that are resistant to fracture and osteoporosis in later life, vitamin D and calcium content in energetic food contributes to development and maintenance of their strong bones.

The iron content of energetic food plays a vital role in the well-being and performance of the player. Iron transports oxygen to all parts of the body including muscles. They help to release energy from cell. So, if iron levels are low in players , they will feel tired which will have a negative impact on their performance. An increase in red blood cells production is stimulated by hard training. Also due to running on hard surfaces, red blood cells in the feet will be damaged and iron can be lost through this damage. So, energetic food which has sufficient iron content along with vitamin C rich foods which increase iron absorption help the players to enhance their performance.

Energetic food is required

Depending upon the type, intensity and duration of the activities, the daily energy requirements of the players are increased during training or competition. Energetic food is required to meet the demands of players during training or competition and to enable proper recovery between exercise/training sessions. It is the best way to fuel as the player gets all the nutrients energetic food to stay in their peak performance condition. It helps their body to recover and it optimizes their energy levels by providing energy to their body.

Calories present in energetic food fuel their body for exercise and replace the energy that they have used up in their sports performance as exercise/training or competition demands energy above and beyond their day to day needs. Thus the energetic food is essential to meet players needs so that they can compete at full strength. Energetic food provides the essential nutrients which make sure that players recover quickly from a workout. Energetic food is the foundation to improved performance for players.

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