What we can all learn from Barcelona

One of the sports that I love the most is football. While cricket is the one that I follow the most, football is the game in which I am in my elements. My position is usually as the attacking central defender, which might appear as a dichotomy to the readers who have knowledge of this sport. But the reasons for this are that my team has rather wasteful forwards, and watching them miss loads of really easy chances gets me angry and I feel the urge to move up, and there comes a time when I can no longer control it, and I start venturing forward.

This is of course after telling my fellow defenders of these intentions and warning them not to do the same. This is how we manage, and keep our shape. And there have been a lot of times that I have created chances for others through my sheer bull headedness and some rare instance when I actually score the all-important goal.

What we can all learn from Barcelona

There have also been a few occasions where I have scored more than one, and after this I make sure that I use this to tell our strikers and midfielders that they are doing a bad job as attackers, and focus this on especially the forwards. I have to do this as I am one of the senior guys in this team, and it is my responsibility to ensure that we play well as a unit. Now I will describe one of the concepts that I have been trying to implement with my team, and this is a thing that can be used not only in a sport such as soccer, but in real life situations and organizations such as companies and firms.

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I will now describe the concept which is an offshoot of the ‘Total Football’ paradigm which had been introduced by the Dutch, which I will not describe here. Use the net to find out more if you want to. The style of play that I have been trying to convince my fellow teammates to adopt is the way that the current champions of the world play. I am of course speaking about Spain and FC Barcelona, who have for the past few years swept everything that has been on offer in the footballing world. And the core of both the teams is the same, with only Messi being the one missing common player.

The style of Barcelona is similar to Spain

The style of play is also similar, and for this the credit should be given to the Barcelona coach and its legendary academy, who have both inculcated the style in all the players. In this, there is not much importance given to personal skill, rather there is a greater emphasis on team work and sharing the load. No one player, except Messi, who is one of the greatest players ever, tends to keep the ball with himself. They pass it rather quickly and artistically. They try to keep the ball with themselves to bring the opponent out, and then take advantage of the empty spaces thus formed to attack the opponent.

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